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 Serving over 20000 students in one hundred fifty seven (157) countries world wide.

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All classes Covid-19 compliant

CTC is a leading provider of onsite and on line training in Diversity, Social Structure, and Health and Safety around the globe. 

CTC provides online services to over one hundred fifty seven (157) countries around the globe, serving over 20000 students to date. Whether you are using our onsite, or online training you can be assured you are receiving the best training available. All our Health and Safety classes are compliant with the latest ILCOR international standards, and American Heart Association standards. 


Our classes are designed to fit the busy life style of today's modern workers. Lectures are crisp, concise, and accurate. Our instructors are among industry leaders.


Classes can be tailored to fit the need of any organization or governmental unit.

If you do not see the class you need, contact us to discuss development of a custom class for your particular needs. See our online school for a complete list of classes at 




Classes offered online at

CTC is pleased to announce that we now offer the state of the art training platform for CPR training;



Carry-Case open.jpg

The Digital System for a Digital World.

The CPR Mirror system uses digital technology to display real time compression/decompression force and breathing pressure for students. (see product page for full description)

sample mike out put.jpg

Help continue the effort to create the first digital data base of CPR compression

data to improve training quality and save lives. "Being able to measure a thing is the first step in improving it. Please donate

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Diversity, Social Structure and History Classes:

Inequality in the Modern World

Food Energy Water: Foundation Systems of Modern Society

Banter: Secondary Systems that Steer Society

Climate and catastrophe and war

Chaos Complexity and Emergence


Health and Safety Classes:                                                                   

First Aid

Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation

Introduction to Emergencies for Lay Responders

The Emergency Medical System

Resilience: Returning to normal after an emergency

First Aid for Remote and Rural Locations

Disease Transmission Control for Lay Responders

Disaster Planning

Update on Evolving Techniques in First Aid


(See our free Ebook "Life Skills Training Manual" in books /products)

Rerviews for Arthur Jackson’s Online Classes


««««« “Great course, nice and easy to follow.” —Elaine Montalto

««««« “Thanks for the CPR review! Very helpful to stay on top of safety. Thanks for the lectures. Will keep an eye out for more lessons!”—Jon Draper


««««« “Simple and Clear. Tutor is great! —Stanislav Dudin

««««« “Thank you very much for the course, it helps to stay on top of everything and you did a great job describing and demonstrating. Thanks again looking forward to more stuff!” —Jon Draper


««««« “Great course, as well as helpful.” —Anandhu Gireesan


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